Episode 086 – Favorite Music Documentaries

Matt’s been replaced this week by our buddy Chase. You know it’s summer time when one of us goes missing for an episode or two. We rank and draft our favorite music documentaries this week. With so many good ones out there, we had a lot to talk about. Check the results here with out IMDB List.

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Episode 084 – Favorite 90s Cartoons

We are joined this week by Matt’s friend, Chris, as we discuss our favorite cartoons from the 1990s. This includes cartoons that had their debut in 90s. Lots of reminiscing and lots of forgetting why we liked certain things as well. Listen up and let us know what we forgot to mention. View the results on our IMDB Page.

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Episode 075 – Shitty Live Performances

This week we are joined by our buddy Chase again as we rank and draft our least favorite live performances. This dove into bands that we like that had a bad night or bands that we hate and were justified by hating, because they sucked live. Punk Rock and all of its subsidiary genres generally put on good live shows, so this was a fun/tough one to go through.

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