Episode 144 – Memes

Don’t be a Minor Mistake Marvin and not listen to this episode. We talk about memes in this one. Some old, some new, some fun, some inside jokery.

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Episode 143 – Once Upon A Blood Mom – Roundup

Roundup this week. It went long again. Maybe break this into 2 sessions or not, do whatever you like, you’re an adult. Picks of the week include Once Upon A Time In…Hollywood, Working Moms Season 2, and the video game Super Blood Hockey. Other things covered include things in the list below the trailers. Enjoy.

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Point Blank
I Am Mother
Long Shot
The Man Who Killed Hitler And Then The Bigfoot
Hotel Mumbai
Adam Devine: The Best Time Of Our Lives
Asassination Nation
Stranger Things S3Once Upon
12 Monkeys
Silicon Valley S5
See You Yesterday
Under the Silver Lake
Red Sparrow
Cop Car
Aziz Ansari
First Man
The Boys
Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee
Delirious (Eddie Murphy)

In the pit with Sean – Crawler, Frantic, and Syringe – Sidebar 8/2/19

This week’s In the Pit segment comes from a show at The Sidebar (Baltimore). If you’ve watched any episodes of The Wire, you have seen glimpses of the corner punk rock dive bar. The inside is exactly that, none of which was shown on the show.

This was all brought together to celebrate local dark grinders, Crawler, record release for their new EP “Womb”. They were joined by fellow Baltimore punks in Syringe,  LA’s crust/grind act, Frantic, Instinct? from Philly, and Kondroma based out of York, PA. All of which is the first phase of a bigger outing dubbed the Baltimore Punx Picnic, which also included a picnic and flea market at another local venue, The Metro Gallery, the following day. I was able to catch sets and photos from syringe, frantic and crawler. check out all of the bands below via links.  For more photos visit my FB page or on Instagram(@seanthomasreilly).

Crawler – Listen on Bandcamp


Frantic – Listen on Bandcamp 


Syringe – Listen on

Once Upon A Time…In Hollywood – Review

Synopsis taken from IMDB – A faded television actor and his stunt double strive to achieve fame and success in the film industry during the final years of Hollywood’s Golden Age in 1969 Los Angeles.

Big surprise here, but I don’t personally know Quentin Tarantino. I do know from watching this movie though, that he had a blast making it. It boils down to a giant “what if” story where the Charles Manson murders happened in the Tarantino cinematic universe.

It functions as an homage to everything Tarantino has confessed to loving over the years. It’s so up his alley that he was all but destined to make this movie sooner or later. If you’ve ever heard him talk about movies in interviews before you’ll know exactly what I mean. The inside baseball material about shooting TV shows and movies are the shining parts of this feature. There were a lot of times that I caught myself just smiling at what was going on and sometimes it wasn’t even important scenes.

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Episode 141 – Gambling Movies

Roll the dice on this episode. Maybe it’s good, maybe it isn’t, but hopefully you’re as lucky as Nick Pappagiorgio and the episode is a winner. We talk about our favorite gambling movies this week. Double down fools. Other titles discussed below. See the results here on our IMDB page.

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